Block Storage

High-Performance Business-Ready Block Storage

Secure, scalable, highly available NVMe-based Volumes Connect Block Storage to Instances and achieve the latest standard in storage technology that is faster than SSDs and traditional HDD storage.

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Block Storage

Comprehensive, cost-effective cloud computing

Easily deploy and manage your Instance

Streamline your operations and take full control of your cloud instances with our user-friendly platform.

Scale your system as your project evolves

Seamlessly adjust resources and adapt to changing demands, ensuring your infrastructure evolves harmoniously with your project's needs.

Deploy anything in few seconds

Experience lightning-fast deployment with FibaCloud. Deploy anything, from applications to complex infrastructure, in a matter of seconds.

Work fast and scale up with reliable block storage

Do more with Volumes Block Storage

Augment Instance storage

Increase Instance storage capacity independently without paying for a larger, more expensive Instance and keep your data safely on Volumes even if you destroy your Instance.

Machine learning and Big Data

Use Volumes to store the input data you need to train artificial intelligence/machine learning models and to store the output of trained models.

Distributed web applications

Volumes Block Storage is persistent and secure, perfect for distributed web applications like blockchain and NFTs that need high performance storage for many distributed web applications such as “Proof of Stake” nodes.

Backup and duplicate Your data

Volumes Snapshots create on-demand disk backups of your Volumes, so you can further protect data and quickly create new volumes with those backups to share across multiple Instances.

Host databases

Confidently host databases that need to quickly serve the demands of high-traffic applications and services.

Store files

Save data such as website files, log files, and backups and access them at high speeds to prevent application failures caused by slow storage.

"I honestly think FibaCloud Block Storage Engine might be the simplest hosted Block Storage I've ever used."

Burak Sagin, Linux & Block Storage Author, DCH

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Predictable and affordable pricing

Storage $/Mo
80 GB $8
640 GB $64
1280 GB $128

Do more with Volumes Block Storage

Dive deep into storage-related topics and setups with the help of our easy-to-follow tutorials

Product Documentation

Get started with block storage.

API Documentation

Use volumes programmatically.

Community Tutorials

Create an encrypted file system.

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