Load Balancers

Load balancing, simplified

Scale your applications and improve availability, security, and performance across your infrastructure in a few clicks.

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Load Balancers

Comprehensive, cost-effective cloud computing

Easily deploy and manage your Instance

Streamline your operations and take full control of your cloud instances with our user-friendly platform.

Scale your system as your project evolves

Seamlessly adjust resources and adapt to changing demands, ensuring your infrastructure evolves harmoniously with your project's needs.

Deploy anything in few seconds

Experience lightning-fast deployment with FibaCloud. Deploy anything, from applications to complex infrastructure, in a matter of seconds.

Load Balancers

Ensure your valuable applications and services are highly available.

Improve availability, performance, and scalability

Our Load Balancers are monitored for availability. If any anomalies are detected, our systems will correct and correct them. Your Load Balancer will continue to work without any extra action.

Let’s Encrypt and HTTP/2 support

Load Balancers automatically provision and renew SSL certificates free of charge through Let’s Encrypt. Load Balancers also support HTTP/2, providing better performance for your users.


Simple to deploy and manage

Load Balancers is a highly available, fully managed service that works out of the box and can be deployed as fast as an Instances. Load Balancers distribute incoming traffic across your infrastructure to increase your application's availability, performance, and reliability at scale, so you can be sure your Instances are always running smoothly.

Deploy a Load Balancer for as little as $12 per month

Load Balancers can be sized to fit your needs and each node costs just $12 per month. Equipped with integrated Let's Encrypt SSL, provisioning, renewal and HTTP/2 support, Load Balancers are extremely easy to use and offer your users exceptional performance.



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